Locking Wheel Nuts



The wheel lock is removed by removing the nuts. This is usually caused by damage or tightening of the wrench. You must have the knowledge about it.
Wheel nuts will be removed using the Man Nut Locking wheel Nut Removal System. Master Clutch have proven our success over and over again.
Automobile manufacturers use wheel lug nuts, also known as wheel nuts and alloy nuts, to secure the wheels of their vehicles. This has helped reduce wheel theft. A lock wheel wrench is needed to remove the lock wheel nut.

Why Whale Locking Wheel Nuts Are Necessary?

Standard wheel nuts can be easily removed with a normal wheel clamp. However, lock wheel nuts require the use of a lock wheel wrench. Because they do not have hex heads like standard nuts / bolts, wheel lock nuts will not allow you to remove the wheel with a wheel lock wrench.

Lock Wheel Nut Removal Experts:

Master Clutch Company is engaged in the development and removal of locking wheel nut removal tools and techniques.
No matter how tight the bolt is, our tooling system works 100 works each time.
Others may offer to remove the wheel lock nuts, but as we have seen many times, they will fail when the bolts are tightened to the level that industry standard tools and other companies do. Is beyond the capabilities of the techniques used.
If they fail, these companies can offer a money back guarantee, but you will still have to deal with the problem and often the wheel or lock nut will suffer additional damage.

Whatever your motoring requirements, we aim to cater for you.