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MOT Services

Book your MOT test and service together on Master Clutch to save time and money. We offer MOT tests and a variety of service packages at more than 600 locations to meet your driving needs.

Why Not Combine Your MOT And Service?


  • Why not combine the two Mot and service when your annual MOT is due and your service schedule indicates that your vehicle's service interval has passed?
  • You save time and hassle by not taking your vehicle to two technical inspection stations and service centers. More than 500 Coke Fit centers employ certified service technicians and moot testers who can perform both MOT service and testing under one roof. This allows you to take care of all your car in one place.
  • You can save time by scheduling both your technical inspection and service in one visit. Book online to choose a technical inspection and service schedule that fits your busy schedule. You need a service, but your MOT test is not over yet. You can still save your MOT trial up to 1 month before the expiration date, without having to remember the expiration date.
  • Book online your MOT service at Master Clutch to save money and get the best discounts. Interim service and technical inspection prices start at affordable rates.

Why Do I Need MOT/Service?

Although they may look alike, a technical inspection and a service cover very different checks and are needed for a variety of reasons. It is important to understand the difference between a technical inspection and a vehicle service in order to understand why you need them.
All cars older than 3 years must pass the annual MOT test. The MOT test is a safety check that verifies the vehicle. This must be done through an approved MOT tester. The technical inspection is a visual inspection and does not require any part replacement.
On the other hand, a vehicle service checks on the condition of the vehicle. The contents of this report are determined by the vehicle manufacturer. The main purpose of the service is to keep your vehicle in good condition and extend its useful life. Regular automobile maintenance is recommended to maintain the safety, reliability, and optimum condition of your vehicle. The carmaker will recommend an interim service almost every six months and an annual service every two years.

Whatever your motoring requirements, we aim to cater for you.